Our Commitment to Transparency

Title Type Organization Amount Date
Dance Unlimited* Partnership CPL – Choice, Passion, Life (Cerebral Palsy League Of Queensland) AU$24,800 2016
Snow Sports Camp* Partnership Cerebral Palsy Alliance AU$22,452 2016
Wheelchair Sports NSW 2017 Junior Wheelies' Christmas Camp* Partnership Wheelchair Sports New South Wales Incorporated AU$11,544 2016
Athlete leadership Program* Partnership Special Olympics Melbourne Inner East AU$10,000 2015
Building youth buoyancy through blind swimming* Partnership Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria AU$9,750 2015
Empowering Young People* Partnership Communities @ Work AU$9,900 2015
Get Involved* Partnership Australian Paralympic Committee AU$75,000 2015
Hoop Dreams* Partnership E-Focus as Heidelberg Training and Resource Centre AU$9,690 2015
Junior Wheelchair Sports Program* Partnership Wheelchair Sports NSW AU$9,858 2015
L2R Dance Safari* Partnership L2R Next Gen Inc AU$10,000 2015
Project Re-Boot* Partnership Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association AU$10,000 2015
South West Highschools (Bicycle) Tour* Partnership K-Equip Ltd AU$10,000 2015
The Shack Youth Services - Health and wellbeing program* Partnership Benevolent Society AU$10,000 2015
Research Agreement to support METEx Energy Balance research project, to investigate the effects of exercise intensity on diet, physical activity and body composition in participants with metabloic syndrome Research University of Qld AU$110,473 2014-2015
Bike Education Program* Partnership Frankston Special Development School AU$10,000 2014
Deadly Sista Girlz* Partnership The David Wirrpanda Foundation AU$10,000 2014
Fit Five* Partnership QLD Police Citizens Youth Welfare Assoc. (Beenleigh) AU$10,000 2014
Fremantle PCYC Streetball* Partnership The Federation of Western Australian Police and Community Youth Centres AU$31,327 2014
Get Involved* Partnership Australian Paralympic Committee AU$75,000 2014
Healthy Lives* Partnership St Laurence AU$7,900 2014
Living the Dream - Sports Based Mentoring Program Dandenong* Partnership Living the Dream Foundation AU$20,000 2014
Nutrition Society of Australia Annual Conference Partnership Nutrition Society of Australia AU$11,700 2014
Street Health* Partnership Ted Noffs Foundation AU$10,000 2014
Development, project management and evaluation of Happiness Cycle program Partnership Bicycle Network AU$345,000 2013-2015
Deadly Sista Girlz* Partnership The David Wirrpanda Foundation AU$10,000 2013
Football Skills for Life* Partnership University of South Australia (Football United) AU$9,832 2013
GoActive Sports Tournament* Partnership Auburn Community Development Network AU$8,500 2013
Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures* Partnership Albury Wodonga Community College Ltd AU$9,875 2013
Helping ourselves through personal education (HOPE)* Partnership Country Health SA Local Health Network Incorporated. AU$4,000 2012
International Congress Physical Activity & Public Health Conference Partnership Sports Medicine Australia AU$120,000 2012
Paddle your own Canoe* Partnership Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW Ltd (Albury PCYC) AU$10,000 2012
Team Game Partnership Edge Assist Inc (Southern Man Made) AU$4,655 2012
Community Awareness & Wellbeing for School Students with Disabilities* Partnership Australian Foundation for Disability AU$10,000 2011
Fit n healthy* Partnership Bridgewater PCYC AU$10,000 2011
K.R.E.W* Partnership Queensland PCYC AU$10,000 2011
Support and co-contribute, with other members, to health and wellness research as a member of Australian Beverages Council Research Australian Beverages Council Ltd AU$73,400 2010-2015
Exercise is Medicine Australia Project Partnership Exercise & Sports Science Australia AU$247,570 2010-2013
Workplace Health Program for employees of selected Coca-Cola production worksites in Australia – Contracted work to produce a proposed structure, an evaluation framework and independent evaluation of a workplace health promotion program targeting nutrition and physical activity behaviours Partnership Sydney University AU$375,540 2010-2013
World First' Program Sports Challenge* Partnership Sports Challenge Australia AU$10,000 2010


*Indicates funding from The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation.

Under our contracts with certain organisations, we are obligated to obtain the organisation’s permission to make disclosures like those above. We have made a good faith effort to obtain permission from these organisations.
Our Approach to Funding Scientific Research:
For all the health and well-being research funding disclosed below, the researchers:
·       are expected to conduct research that is factual, transparent, and designed objectively;
·       are expected to generate an appropriately phrased hypothesis and to conduct research that will answer the relevant questions, rather than favour a particular outcome;
·       have full control of the study design, the execution, and the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data;
·       are encouraged to publish; and
·       are expected to disclose their funding sources in all publications and public presentations of the data. 
In no event does Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd (CCSP) have the right to prevent the publication of research results. Nor does CCSP provide funding conditioned on the outcome of the research.
We have made a good-faith effort to disclose all the funding that meets the inclusion criteria. If we have unintentionally omitted something that meets those criteria, we will disclose it in one of our future updates, which we plan to provide every twelve months.
Items Included in and Excluded from the 10/03/2017 Disclosure
Research and Partnerships Included:
1.    Funding provided by CCSP or The Coca-Cola Company’s U.S. corporate headquarters to entities based in Australia for research relating to dietary intake, nutrition, and health, or to physical activity; and
2.    Funding provided by CCSP, The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation, or The Coca-Cola Company’s U.S. corporate headquarters to entities based in Australia for health and well-being programs and communications activities conducted in Australia
Research and Partnerships Excluded:
1.    Research by entities not based in Australia and not funded by CCSP or The Coca-Cola Company’s U.S. corporate headquarters;
2.    Programs and activities conducted outside Australia and not funded by CCSP, The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation, or by The Coca-Cola Company’s U.S. corporate headquarters;
3.    Research on ingredients, packaging, products, or brands that is not related to dietary intake, nutrition, and health, or to physical activity;
4.    Research and development on new ingredients, packaging, products, or brands; and
5.    Payments to third-party service providers for media services, advertising, and logistics in support of the “Partnerships” for Health and Well-Being Programs and Communications Activities listed.

For purposes of this list, we use the term ‘partnership’ in an informal sense, referring to our relationship with entities based in Australia that have received funding from CCSP, The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation, or The Coca-Cola Company’s U.S. corporate headquarters to support their health and well-being programs and communications activities conducted in Australia from 2010 to 2016.
Timeframe:  1 January 2010 through 31 December 2016.  Amounts for January 2017 and forward will be disclosed in a future update.
Currency: all amounts are disclosed in AUS excluding GST. Where amounts have been converted from other currencies to AUS this has been done using an average annual aggregated exchange rate for the year in which the payment was made.