It’s been seen  in the hands of celebrities, healthy living gurus and regular shoppers, and now Coca-Cola is delighted to bring ZICO coconut water straight to you.

Drinking coconut water is part of a broad social trend, which has lead to people to think more about their health and make better food choices. Its reputation is catching on fast. While coconut water is still a relatively small category in Australia, according to Aztec retail research, demand for this light and hydrating drink grew 219% over the last 12 months.  

A Fresh Direction

The buzz around coconut water is based on the idea of ‘replenishment, which makes ZICO a great choice for a healthy active lifestyle. “The refreshing element comes from naturally occurring electrolytes,” said ZICO brand manager Ramona Spiteri. “It’s a source of potassium and doesn’t contain fat, so for the health conscious, it’s a great option.”

ZICO is made from the juice of mostly young, green coconuts which contain a pure, clear liquid.  “We  use young coconuts because as the fruit matures and gains a hard and hairy shell, the coconut water is gradually replaced by coconut meat and milk,” explained Ramona.

A Daily Addition

If you’re not already a fan of coconut water, ZICO’s hydration qualities and fresh taste make it a yummy addition to your daily  routine. There are thousands of recipes online for smoothies, salad dressings, cakes and marinades, which include coconut water.

“We live in fast-paced, always-on world,” said Ramona. “When you treat your body well, you treat yourself well and feel connected and replenished. ZICO is like a reset button for a healthy active lifestyle– it’s the start of something good.”