In a bedroom in northern California, USA, Bethany Mota is chatting to the camera, telling us how she’s been looking for an oversize denim jacket – because they’re ‘super adorbs.’

This is her spring haul video, and in the one week it’s been on YouTube it’s been viewed more than 1.7 million times by Bethany’s 6 million subscribers.

These are massive numbers, but Bethany’s not alone in being a YouTube superstar. YouTube FanFest Sydney is bringing established and rising stars from Australia and around the world to their fans – in person. 

"I can’t wait to come to beautiful Sydney for the YouTube FanFest to see all my amazing Aussie motivators in person,” said Bethany. “I hear the shopping and food in Sydney is awesome just can’t wait for this show!"

Coca-Cola is helping you get to the event. Buy one ticket for the May 29 show and get an extra ticket for a friend, entirely on us! We are also giving away up to 150 tickets. For more details on how you can win visit Facebook, Twitter or instagram.

Here are some of the social media stars coming to Sydney for on May 29 and 31.

1. Ryan Higa (USA)

1.7 billion views so far

Ryan Higa has come a long way since he produced his first videos, aged 14, at home in Hawaii. Today, he’s best known for his comedic video vlogs and short films.

2. Troye Sivan (AU)

81 million views so far

Eighteen year-old, South African born, Troye Sivan is an actor, singer and cheeky online personality from Perth. He’s happy to have you listen to his prank calls and hear his shower thoughts in regular videos dating back to 2012.

3. IISuperwomanII (CA)

253 million views so far

Lilly Singh (aka Superwoman) has found worldwide fame through her comedy videos, with “How Girls Get Ready” and “Types of Kids at School” each viewed over 5.5 million times.

4. Axis of Awesome (AU)

28 million views so far

The Axis of Awesome are arguably the world’s most awesome comedy band. In the incredible time that they have been together, they have done literally so much stuff, and their Four Chord Song is one of the highest rated comedy videos of all time on YouTube.

5. Veritasium (AU)

77 million views so far

Derek Muller is best known for creating Veritasium. The science channel covers all the things you need to know like the physics of a falling slinky, a history of the kilogram, interviews with Nobel Laureates and even an analysis of Facebook's business model.

6. Chloe Morello (AU) 

40 million views so far

Chloe Morello is one of Australia’s leading beauty influencers , offering reviews on beauty and skincare products, advice on hair styling and hair products, and tips on personal style, all in her own humorous and approachable way.

7. Vsauce (UK)

7.2 million subscribers

614 million views

Michael Stevens is the creator and host of Vsauce, and his videos delve into the history, science, and psychology behind seemingly ordinary, everyday phenomena.

8. Tyler Oakley (USA)

174 million views so far

Tyler Oakley’s saucy and hilarious videos – and undying love for One Direction – make him one of the biggest LGBT vloggers in the digital world.

9. Nicko's Kitchen (AU)

110 million views so far

Take one personable Aussie, throw in some simple recipes, add heaps of YouTube exposure and what you get is global cooking phenomenon Nicko’s Kitchen.