It’s a fact that we’d be nothing without the woman who brought us into the world. Here we take a look at some of the wise words passed on by mothers.

I was very lucky to grow up with a really driven successful Aboriginal mother as a role model, and she taught me that if you can’t believe in yourself and believe in who you are, then you’ve got no chance to support anybody else. – Jack Manning Bancroft, founder of AIME

I got a bunch of great, and sometimes funny, advice like ‘you’ll never be this young again’, ‘always maintain eye contact’ and ‘never leave the house without making your bed.’ I still do that last one every day. – Sarah Prestwood, Public Affairs Manager at Coca-Cola

When I was starting out my mum told me that the key to self-confidence in a job interview is preparation. At the start of my career she used to help me prepare for interviews like they were exams, and it's still great advice all these years later. – Anne Lennon, National Development Manager at Fitted For Work 

 Stop and smell the roses. My mum has always told me this, and she’s right. Life’s too short; we need to slow down occasionally, otherwise it passes you by. – Bobbie Crothers, PR Manager at Coca-Cola

 Mum was so organised when I was growing up. She always carried a litter bag when we travelled anywhere and diligently showed my siblings and I how to responsibly dispose of litter at the service station or at home. I now do the same as an adult, so thanks for the tip Mum. – Peter McLean at Keep Australia Beautiful