Do you think that mentoring and the power of human relationships can be used to overcome the challenges of our time? 

We at AIME do.

It’s through our unique form of mentoring that Indigenous kids are stepping up to change their teachers’ and fellow students’ perceptions, lift their parents’ hope, and inspire a generation of younger Indigenous kids to see that if they are willing to work hard and believe, they will shatter the mould that has been cast for them.

In 2013, we are connecting over 2,000 Indigenous kids with 1,000 university student Mentors across five Australian states. Our program is proven to dramatically increase the chances of Indigenous kids finishing school. Last year, the year 9 to university progression rate for AIME students was 22.1 percent – nearly six times the national Indigenous average of 3.8 percent and approaching the national non-Indigenous average of 36.8 percent.

Nothing is impossible

They say to make your way in business you should surround yourself with smart people. We love working with the best in business – but we also reckon it’s a pretty special thing to be walking with the dreamers.

Together with thousands of Mentors and Mentees, 100 staff, 16 Australian universities, our friends at Coca-Cola and a host of others, we’re building a generation of future leaders who dream of creating a culture where for every step you take forward in life, you throw your hand back and bring someone with you. 

We have a platform to grow to 10,000 Indigenous kids by 2016 and see them finish school at the same rate as every Australian child. And we will see Australians dancing to a new beat of Indigenous success.

But this is not where we will rest.

Together we share a dream that nothing is impossible.

Mentors 4 Life

To live that mantra, we're reaching and dreaming of the horizons that lay ahead. For example, just last month I was joined by Virgin Founder Sir Richard Branson to launch the AIME Mentors 4 Life Program, marking our first program open to business and individuals. 

We’re so excited to share the magic formula that we’ve applied so successfully over the last nine years working with Indigenous kids, so that more people around Australia and the world are able to unlock the limitless potential that lies within them. 

It’s an honour to count groundbreaking businesses like Coca-Cola and Virgin Australia among our friends, because I reckon in 20 years time people will be looking at AIME as one of the groundbreaking businesses of our time. These are the guys who can look at an idea and see potential; they dream big. With friends like these, nothing is impossible.

To join the journey and walk with the dreamers, head to, connect with us on Facebook, subscribe to our mailing list to become one of our mad AIME Friends, or get your hasthtag on by following us on Twitter.

And we promise, the best is yet to come.