It’s Monday morning, and you’ve just arrived for a team meeting… In the park.

On the way there, you strapped on your pedometer to tally your steps to put you in the running for an end-of week prize. When you get back to your desk, you’ll make the first call of the day standing up.

 It’s not a strange dream – it’s just some of the every-day scenarios in an active workplace.

New physical activity guidelines released by the Australian Department of Health recommend around five hours of exercise each week. To help achieve this goal peak professional organisations like Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) are providing creative ways to get moving.

Accredited exercise physiologist Kate Bell, says it’s possible even for busy people to integrate more activity into their daily lives. Here she gives us her top tips to get active in the office.

1. Kickstart your day

“Look at how you’re getting to work,” said Kate. “If your workplace has showers, consider walking or riding in. Or if you have to take public transport, get off a stop or two before your usual destination and hike it the rest of the way.”

2. Team up

“Find a work buddy who’ll join in with your new active regimen at work,” suggested Kate. “Whether that’s group office challenges with a pedometer to get a 10,000 steps in a day, a Tough Mudder companion or just someone who’ll take a regular walk with you.”

3. Set your alarm

“Set hourly reminders in your calendar to take a break, some stretching or go for a walk,” said Kate. “Likewise, book any exercise into your diary, so you’ve deliberately set time aside.”

4. Trail it, don’t email it

“Why email someone in your office if you can get up and walk to their desk?” asked Kate. “Get up, move. Even if they’re on another floor, pay them a visit.”

5. Lunch outdoors

“Choose a nice place to eat that’s a 15-minute walk away and get out of the office,” Kate suggested.

6. Talk ’n’ walk

Whether it’s taking a phone call or holding daily work meetings and briefs, Kate recommended you see if you can try a walking meeting.

7. Motivate the office

“Set challenges or team goals,” said Kate. “The more people who do it, the more fun it’ll be.”