Summer is officially over, and University students new and returning have begun their first semester for 2018. The initial buzz of a new year has worn off and you’re likely already stuck into the first of many readings and assignments.

Now whether you’re handling the new workload fine or are starting to struggle there is always room for improvement. Apart from getting a head start on your reading making sure you’re organised before starting lectures can make all the difference between a credit and a high distinction.

One way of staying on top of your studies is to put your smartphone or tablet to the best use possible. Here are seven great apps to keep you organised at uni.

Know exactly what you need to do and when
The only way to stay in full control of your uni week is to know exactly what you need to do and when. 

Wunderlist - iOS/Android

The only way to stay in full control of your uni week is to know exactly what you need to do. Wunderlist is a simple but powerful to-do app that not only allows you to run multiple lists, but add comprehensive notes, deadlines, and even share with friends and collaborators.

It also backs up to the cloud, which enables you to share your to-do lists easily across your various devices.

Evernote - iOS/Android

Evernote is the granddaddy of all note-taking applications. With seamless integration across your tablet, smartphone and PC, Evernote’s a one-stop shop for keeping organised.

The app lets you arrange your thoughts into notebooks that can then be bundled into stacks organised by category. Set up checklists, attach PDFs, sound, photo or video files, and even handwritten notes. 

New technology that allows users to read easily and faster
As a Uni student, you’re likely obsessed with anything and everything social media. It’s for those moments that you need SelfControl.

SelfControl - MAC/Chrome

As a Uni student you’re likely obsessed with anything and everything social media. Whether it’s a classic like Facebook, Instagram or something completely different, you’re likely to have at least one social media app you just cannot peel your eyes away from - no matter how many assignments you have.

It’s for those moments that you need SelfControl - now we’re talking about the app here, because if everyone had the trait this app wouldn’t exist.

What exactly does it do? It works as a barrier between your eyes and your favourite social media platform. When you find yourself in desperate need of distraction-free study time, you simply blacklist the websites tempting you into procrastination for as long as you set.

My Weekly Budget - iOS/Android

While you’re bound to stress over your studies every once in a while there is no reason you need you need to add any more stress due to your finances. From student accomodation, textbooks and maintaining an active social life being a Uni student is expensive.

Letting you choose your weekly budget and savings goal, the My Weekly Budget app serves as the perfect tool to help you track where exactly all your money is going and showing you where you can cut some expenses.

University locations mapped out in detail
With more than 36,000 university locations mapped out in detail, Lost on Campus will save your life.

Lost on Campus - iOS/Android

For those who are new to their university (or those who still find themselves searching vainly for Room 7.01 after three years), Lost on Campus is a lifesaver.

Forty-two Australian campuses with more than 36,000 locations are mapped in detail, providing directions to your lecture theatre – or to the best coffee on campus.

SoundNote - iOS

Designed with students (and journalists) in mind, SoundNote allows you to record a lecture or interview while simultaneously typing or handwriting notes. When you’re looking back over your notes, tapping on a word will take you back to that point in the audio file. You can share your notes, text and recordings via email or transfer them directly to your computer. Nifty, huh?

Keep up with citations and bibliographies
The bane of essay writers since time immemorial has been keeping up with citations and bibliographies.

Reference Generator - Android/Windows

The bane of essay writers since time immemorial has been keeping up with citations. Now that we’re living in the future, apps such as Reference Generator have taken the bother out of bibliographies.

Simply scanning the barcode of a book brings up extensive details and the app also allows you to search by title, author, ISBN or URL. The app supports several citation styles, including APA and Harvard, and it seamlessly integrates with other apps including email, notes, Google+, Twitter, Dropbox and more.

This story was originally published on 29/02/2016