Football, long known as ‘the world game’, is also Australia’s most popular game. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it’s our most played amateur sport. And when a goal is kicked on any field around the country, the hero could well be imagining him or herself on the field of the world’s biggest sporting event: the FIFA World CupTM.

It’s less than 100 days before thirty-two national teams, including the Socceroos, fly into Brazil, to begin the epic battle for the 2014 FIFA World CupTM. Defending champions Spain will attempt to keep a grip on the prize, as more than 500,000 fans from all over the world converge on the football-mad host country to celebrate the world’s game.

Coca-Cola will spend April 2 talking about and celebrating football, led by the idea that the 2014 FIFA World CupTM is for everyone – it’s the ‘world’s cup’. 

“It’s a testament to football’s unifying power that so many people love it with so much passion,” said Antoinette Tyrell, Marketing Manager at major FIFA World CupTM sponsor Coca-Cola. “It’s great to be involved in something that touches people in every country.”

For those Socceroos fans that haven’t bought a ticket yet, there’s still a chance to go. "Coca-Cola is excited to offer Aussies a chance to win their way to one of the world's biggest sporting events for 2014,” said Antoinette.

No matter who wins in Brazil this year, there’s no doubt that the 2014 FIFA World CupTM tournament won’t just be the FIFA World CupTM – it’ll be the world’s cup.