Fresh from storming the UK charts with their second single ‘Braveheart’ British girl group Neon Jungle are taking the reins of our ‘happy’ themed Spotify playlist.

Formed in February 2013, the last year has certainly been an eventful one, with the quintet supporting Jessie J on her UK tour, as well as performing at NYC’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November.

Their newest single, ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ (also the inspiration for their name) came out last month. 

We caught with the group to talk playlist choices, happy songs and what the future holds.

For someone not familiar with Neon Jungle, please could you describe your sound?

ASAMI: Our sound is very eclectic; we have different sounds merged into one song! But I think our sound has a happy, feel good vibe to it.

What's the happiest song you've ever recorded?

JESS: ‘Can't Stop The Love’, one of the tracks that will be on our album. It's a real clap and sing along kind of tune. You can't help but smile and feel positive hearing it.

Tell us about the tracks on your playlist and why you chose them?

AMIRA: They are a mixture of all our tastes in music and generally uplifting happy songs.

We think happiness is better shared, can you pick a song from your playlist and tell us who you'd want to share it with?

JESS: Robin S ‘Show Me Love’. I believe everyone in the whole world should know this song by heart! So to the world! Hehe.

If you could have written any album yourselves what would it be?

SHEREEN: Oh, good question, probably Miguel’s Kaleidoscope

What does 2014 hold in store for you?

SHEREEN: Basically 2014 is going to be when we take over the world *evil laugh* mwhaha! Haha! We have loads of festivals coming up, the album will be out, and it's going to be full of surprises!