From home to work and back again, Kelly Sattin is busy.

As executive assistant to Coca-Cola South Pacific President Roberto Mercadé, she’s responsible for everything from diary management to preparing papers, to organising meetings, agendas and complex travel arrangements. She’s also a mum and a wife to boot.

At the end of all that, Kelly admitted it was hard to make time to look out for herself.  “My day is spent looking after people at work and at home, making sure everyone has what they need. There comes a time when you say, okay, I need 30 minutes for myself.”

Like many of us, Kelly’s stress reflex was to reach for the lolly jar and prioritise other activities over looking after her health. But low energy levels led her to realise that a change was needed, and so she decided to start by changing her routine.

“At home, I made my own gym set-up,” she explained. “I can still pick the kids up, go home, cook dinner, get them into bed, then about 8.30 I can retire to the gym in my garage. I sit at a desk all day, so even doing half an hour on a bike or on the treadmill, it gets the blood flowing and makes a huge difference.”

At the office, Kelly began taking part in the staff wellness program, which involved running  club on Mondays, Pilates on Tuesday and the Urban Cross Fit program on Thursday.

She also followed the amount of exercise she was doing using an activity tracker. “I love the tracker,” she said. “They keep you honest about how much youre actually doing. Some days I say, oh, I was run off my feet today, but I realise maybe my mind was run off my feet, but my actual feet? They werent moving very much.”

Kelly is adamant that looking after herself has positively affected all areas of her life. “It has made a huge impact not only on my weight, but on my self-esteem. You fit into your clothes better, you feel better about yourself and you have more energy to do stuff,” she said.

“Creating that time for yourself, whether its exercise or something else you enjoy, its just having that little piece of something for you, and in the long term, everyone around you sees the benefits too.”