It’s the kind of gadget that’s changed the way we live – and entrepreneur Ricardo Buccianti believes it can change the way we work, too.

Through the Coca-Cola Firehose Hackathon project, Ricardo began a project that will allow delivery drivers to use their own smartphones at work.

Streamlining Technology

The app allows drivers to work to schedules, receive orders, take photos for proof of delivery, collect signatures and even update their current location – all through their own device.

“It’s like a freight-management system, I would say,” explained Ricardo. “I can even explore tablets. The main goal is to use the latest technology found on portable devices.”

Now entering testing in a piloting phase, the system grew from the Hackathon event. Budding entrepreneurs were given access to the vast Coca-Cola database in an effort to encourage start-up companies to improve the company’s supply chain. “We needed real data for this to work,” said Coca-Cola Accelerator founder, Franki Chamaki, who ran the Hackathon project.

“Hackathon is basically a public event where entrepreneurs come and learn what a start-up is, and actually build a business over a weekend. We gave them data, we gave them mentors, and we gave them a problem to solve. And at the end, they’re awarded some funds.”

Power and Versatility

Ricardo believes the system will prove useful not only to Coca-Cola, but to other companies’ supply chains as well.

Though it’s not yet certain the project will prove to be a success, it sounds like, at the very least, Ricardo’s on the right track. “It’s not just providing a quick cost saving here,” he said. “It’s the long-term benefit of exploring new technologies at a low cost.”