As far as two-for-ones go, it’s a great deal: every time you eat a burrito at Zambrero, someone else gets a free feed. The difference with this meal is the person eating free lives in one of 65 developing nations.

The Plate 4 Plate initiative has seen the modern Mexican food franchise distribute over 3,000,000 meals. Founded in Canberra by Dr Sam Prince while he was studying medicine, the restaurant’s dual purpose has always been to support humanitarian projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas - while serving healthy, fresh food.

General manager Karim Messih explained that the social aspect of Zambrero was central to his company’s structure. “One of the things we’ve spoken about internally a lot over the last three years is: what is our brand essence?” he said. “When you strip back everything to do with the company, what do you actually stand for?”

To his mind, Zambrero stands for fulfilment. “We want to provide fulfilment, not just with the food we serve,” he said. “More and more, companies are realising it’s important to give back. But it’s got to be part of your DNA - it’s can’t be a campaign, it can’t be for three months. It has got to be what you do day in and day out.”

Recently, in partnership with the Grocery Council of Australia, Zambrero ran a packaging driver, putting together meals made from dehydrated rice and soy meal fortified with 21 essential vitamins and nutrients, ready for distribution overseas. “We packed 30,000 meals within a couple of hours,” said Karim. “It was amazing.”

One of the bational business managers in the Impulse Food division at Coca-Cola Amatil, Josh Thomson and a group of his co-workers rolled up sleeves to help out with the packing effort. He’s watched Zambrero’s rapid growth over recent years, which is on track to doubling over the course of 2014. “There is a genuine interest in the market,” he explained. “They are a humanitarian organisation that sells Mexican food. So I think that definitely has a huge impact on their popularity and getting consumers through the door and keeping them there.”

According to Josh said the Plate 4 Plate model makes such good sense because it feels totally real. “The fact that it really is a plate for a plate makes it so much more genuine,” he said.