Work life balance. It’s easy to say but much harder to achieve amid the fast pace of modern life.

Fortunately, a great attitude is not striving for perfection but taking advantage of the spaces we find between different activities at home and work.

Dr Adam Fraser

According to author and speaker Dr Adam Fraser, we can achieve a healthy flow between our different professional and personal roles by focusing on the “mini-moments.”

In his book The Third Space Dr Fraser outlines a practical approach to making this smooth transition between work and home, and life in the fast and slow lanes.

His idea of the third space, or mini moments, was born after spending time talking with people who overcame diversity and changed their lives.

“I was working with soldiers who had returned home from active duty overseas, and saw how difficult they found it to move back into family life,” Dr Fraser explained.

“I also spent time with elite athletes to find out how they bounced back from a defeat.”

He discovered the key to making a big transition was to focus on the gaps between activities, rather than the activities themselves.

Dwell on the mini moments

Researchers believe there’s been a tenfold increase in the number of interactions we have each day, Dr Fraser said.

Life has turned into a series of mini moments, and our sense of wellbeing can be significantly improved by focusing on the gaps between these moments.

“This is what I call the 'Third Space',” Dr Fraser said. “How well you shift from one activity to another makes a big difference on how you will perform.”

“It is so incredibly practical that anyone can do it and, the more you do it, the easier and more effective it becomes,” he said.

Reflect, rest, reset

The approach involves three steps: taking time to reflect on what you have been doing, resting, and then resetting yourself for what comes next.

“If you're moving between meetings, you might just pause for a moment,” Dr Fraser explained.

“If you're heading home after a stressful day, you might take more time and move through these three phases during your commute.”

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