As marketing manager for hydration and tea, Amanda Schmidhofer takes care of Powerade, Pump, GLACEAU Vitaminwater and Nestea. From business planning, to product development, and overseeing advertising development, a typical day at work for Amanda can be pretty diverse.

A typical workday is fairly busy: lots of meetings. Working across four brands as well as working in a franchise system means you do have lots of projects and lots of stakeholders. You do spend a lot of time collaborating with different people.

What I like about it is it gives you lots of variety. You meet agencies, to talk about pack design or brand strategy, through to meetings with our finance or technical team to validate product ideas you might have. I spend a lot of time also working with my team.

Im currently marketing manager on hydration and tea. That basically means I manage Powerade, Pump, Vitaminwater and Nestea. As a team were responsible for business planning for these brands. That can be anything from marketing communications through to product development, obviously working with our technical team.

I actually came into the system on a Coca-Cola Amatil brand, Appletiser. Technically, I was an employee of Amatil in the beginning. I then moved on to brand manager on Coca-Cola. Then I got promoted to marketing manager on water, and that extended to include tea, and at the end of last year it included sports.

When I was really little, I wanted to be a dancer. I was a dancer pretty much as soon as I could walk. It was my whole life – every night and all day on Saturday. We traveled a bit for competitions, and I danced at Disneyland once. I was in early high school, so it was pretty cool.

I kept doing it pretty much all the way through to my early twenties, where I was actually running a dance school, and teaching. I think around High School I realised it was more fun than a sustainable lifestyle.

I actually had my five-year Coca-Cola anniversary just a couple of days ago! I always had a passion for business studies and communications and things like that so I went to Macquarie University. I know it sounds corny, but I used to say to my mum all the time that one day Id work for Coca-Cola. Once I was in marketing in that frame of mind it was always my ambition to work for the Company. So it worked out quite well in the end.