It’s a hot summer’s day and you duck into the local shop to pick up a refreshing beverage. You walk straight to the Coca-Cola fridge, note the enticing array of stacked drinks, and choose your favourite. The colourful display you’ve just chosen from is all down to the design from Aisling Wilde and her team. 

I’m the Shopper Programs Manager for Coca-Cola. I’m responsible for creating and bringing to life all of our brands campaigns in a retail environment through point of sale. I have been with Coca-Cola for almost 6 years now and have held two roles on the Marketing & Shopper teams.

My typical day involves working closely with brand teams, agencies and Coca-Cola Amatil. I brief and manage our agencies on our Shopper objectives, and develop a ‘path to purchase’ strategy based on insights.

Once I have the strategy in place I start working on creating artwork for stores across Australia. This could be anything from a branded campaign like Coke Zero to an on-pack promotion running such as a cash prize or win a trip to FIFA World Cup.

In my role I need to be a very efficient multi-tasker, as I’m managing a number of campaigns and stakeholders at the one time.  

One particular campaign stands out as a favourite. I’ve worked on a lot of really cool projects but one that comes to mind first is when we were in search for the Australian Diet Coke hunk. It’s not one of the biggest campaigns I’ve worked on but it was certainly a fun one casting for the right guy. I enjoy shoots like this as relaxed and fun.

When I grew up, I actually wanted to be a show jumper. I had a big love of horses during my younger years and spent a lot of my time around the stable yard competing in various events around Ireland. Team events were always a highlight as the challenge of working together and being part of a team gave me the ability to lean on my team mates and cheer each other on.

The single most rewarding thing about my job is walking into a store and seeing the end result. Seeing my work fully activated as per my picture of success, from the grassroots and into store, always excites me.