They say money can’t buy you love. With Valentine’s Day rolling around next week, it’s important to remember that the size of your love isn’t reflected by your bank balance. Here are a few ways for young hearts to run free come February 14. 

Write it Yourself 

Somewhere out there, a random stranger is crafting messages for greeting cards, birthday cards, and yes – Valentine’s cards. Although getting a lovely card is a time honoured tradition, you need to ask whether you want someone else to write about you deepest emotions.

An honestly-written love letter is infinitely superior to a store-bought card - no matter how bad your grammar. 

Your Kitchen Rules 

Going out to dinner is always a good idea. But it’s an idea that lots of other people are also thinking.

If you’re really out to impress, why not show off your own culinary acumen and bust out your inner chef?

Spend an afternoon preparing a masterpiece of your own devising, and create an intimate dinner for two.

Make a Playlist 

The most unlikely song can transport us to a particular time and place; the trick, perhaps, is remembering the track.

This Valentines, why not spend an afternoon composing a mixtape for your special person.

No Roses 

Roses are often considered the symbolic expression of love. But not everyone’s into the long-stemmed reds.

Knowing your special someone’s personal taste is infinitely more powerful than clicking the ‘Valentines Special’ online. Choose a bunch you think they’ll be into, or spend half an hour walking and find some that suit you.

Take Time

No truly romantic gesture ever came from a top-five list online. If you spend a little time thinking about surprising, delighting or even briefly amusing your love, it’s all good.

There’s only one person who really knows the one you love; so whatever you do will - definitely - be just right.