Whether you’re a uni student trying to piece together the puzzle of the groceries left over at the end of the week, a family looking to mix up its feeding frenzy or even a professional chef, experimentation in the kitchen is nothing new.
Food fusions – cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions – have long made their way onto our tables and into our tummies. 
To celebrate our recently launched brand Fuze Tea – with iced tea flavour fusions that include Wild Raspberry & Hibiscus, Summer Mango & Chamomile, Juicy Peach, Crisp Apple & Lemongrass and Zesty Lemon – we caught up with Jen and Justin from Local food and travel blog ‘I Ate My Way Through’.
I Ate My Way Through

Meet Jen and Justin from local food and travel blog I Ate My Way Through.

Stick around as these seasoned foodies share the story of their favourite flavour fusions.

What’s the secret to a great flavour fusion?

Justin: If the flavour fusion takes you on a journey – from a salty hit, followed closely by a calming sweetness then ending with a soothing creaminess – it’s this experience that makes you remember these flavourful moments.

How have you discovered your favourite flavour fusions?

Jen: In a state of despair, usually when I have a bare fridge and pantry!
Justin: With an open mind and whole lot of experimenting. 
I Ate My Way Through

Speaking of his favourite flavour fusions, Justin from I Ate My Way Through notes chilli and chocolate, lychee and rose, and strawberries and balsamic as among the best. 

What are your favourite flavour fusions?

Jen: Something deep-fried alongside the freshness of lettuce and mint (think Vietnamese cuisine), carrots and cardamom, coffee and cardamom, strawberries and balsamic, and ginger and chocolate. Yes, I really love cardamom.

Justin: I love chilli and chocolate, lychee and rose, strawberries and balsamic.

Jen: Hey, I already said that! 

Justin: Anyway, doughnuts all day every day! They come in all shapes and sizes and so many flavours and combos. As for flavour fusions, you can’t go wrong with salted caramel and fennel seeds, or maple bacon.

Can you recall when and where you first tried some of these flavours?

Justin: I’m Filipino, so I grew up thinking that spaghetti was sweet, which is why I think I love any sweet-savoury combinations. Little did I know that I was living a lie!

Jen: I get that, that’s why you love your doughnuts so much! I remember reviewing an Indian cookbook and I made my own halwa, which involves cooking down carrots with milk, ghee, some dried fruits and cardamom – I never saw carrots the same way again! 

I Ate My Way Through

Speaking of her favourite flavour fusions, Jen from I Ate My Way Through noted coffee and cardamom and ginger and chocolate amongst her favourites. 

What is the most bizarre flavour combo you’ve ever tried?

Jen: Salted egg yolk and pumpkin.

Justin: I’ve had salted duck eggs.

Jen: Yeah, basically the richness of salted duck-egg yolk tossed through battered pumpkin fritters. Weird at first, but deliciously amazing! Can you beat that?

Justin: Banana ketchup

Jen: What!?

Justin: Mashed bananas with vinegar, honey, tomato paste and spices, it’s a Filo condiment served with BBQ. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! 

I Ate My Way Through is an ambassador for the new Fuze Tea range.