Like so many of us, Jason Hosking often struggles to keep to a regular exercise regimen. 

Often, he’ll get amped about getting fit, and embark, with gusto, on a training routine. But when the demands of his professional and social life interrupt the plan, the wheels come right off. 

“I'll do a month or two and I'll be fully into it, training five times a week,” he said. “Then I'll go away on business for two or three weeks and I'll be tired, with lots of work, travelling around, dinners and all that, and I'll lose that momentum and stop.

Ironically, in Jason's job with the Coca-Cola Accelerator, he has been exploring ways to help people get out and get healthy, developing wellbeing related startups. Through the Accelerator, Coca-Cola creates innovative startup businesses outside its traditional business. “We're all about trying to create new, disruptive technology startup businesses,” explained Jason. “It's not about buying start-ups, it's about building them from within Coke, with a meaningful connection that creates sustainable advantage.”

Recently, Jason has been investigating ideas like a wearable device that monitors fitness related biomarkers, and a personal training program that connects those wanting to improve their health with professionals via an app. These ideas are at the early experimental phase, but involve engaging with real customers early on, bringing Jason in regular contact with people motivated to get fit and healthy. Still, Jason was finding it hard to find time to actually do it himself.

At the same time as Jason was working on his fitness program, Coca-Cola launched an internal program to improve the wellbeing of its employees. Staff were given a grant to purchase training equipment, gear and each staff member was given new wearable technology to track their activity. 

Training activities were set up, including Monday morning Run Club, Pilates, and a Crossfit urban circuit. Around the office, colleagues compete to track more steps than one another. 

Jason thought he’d better get involved - and not only for research, “It's actually been quite synergistic. There has been quite a lot of parallels,” he said, “If I'm doing all this fitness stuff, I thought I might as well.”

With the help of his colleagues, Jason has been training regularly. He believes that the collegiate atmosphere generated by the program helps make exercising easier. “It's really taking off at work, and there's a nice encouraging feel at the office,” he discovered.

Jason believes that having a goal helps him stick to a regimen. “I'm better when there's a goal, so having running events in the future is getting me out  four or five times a week,” he explained. “There's a bunch of other people going on these runs, so it's kind of a social thing as well.”

Ultimately, Jason just wants to get a little healthier - and stay that way. “I'm not trying to get a ripped six pack or lift 200kg,” he laughed. “I'm just trying to maintain a good weight and health.”