We’ve launched the first energy drink with a great Coca-Cola taste, Coca-Cola Energy, in Australia. Available in 250ml cans, it will also be available in a great tasting No Sugar option.

Here’s everything you need to know about Coca-Cola Energy.

Coca-Cola Energy is lower in sugar than other popular energy drinks.

Coca-Cola Energy has around 25% less sugar than other leading energy drinks (in comparison against regular sugar variants), and also comes in a No Sugar version.

The ingredients in Coca-Cola Energy are safe.

All of the ingredients in Coca-Cola Energy are permitted under the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code. We recommend these products be consumed in accordance with the recommendations on each pack. Specifically:

  • Usage 2x250 ml cans max daily
  • Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women
  • Not recommended for children
  • Not recommended for those who are sensitive to caffeine

Coca-Cola Energy contains about the same caffeine as a shot of espresso.

There is 80 mg of caffeine in a 250 ml can of Coca-Cola Energy. Similarly, there is 87 mg of caffeine in a regular latte (with a 30 ml shot of espresso) and around 80 mg in a 250 ml cup of instant black coffee.

Reference: FSANZ – Australian food composition database – Accessed on 20.05.2019

Using mg/100ml, Coca-Cola Energy contains 32mg/100ml of caffeine, a regular latte with a 30ml shot of espresso contains 34.8mg/100ml and instant black coffee contains 31.2mg/100ml.

The sugar alternatives in Coca-Cola Energy are safe.

The sugar alternatives  used in Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar are sucralose and acesulphame-K, while Coca-Cola Energy contains sucralose. Both sucralose and acesulphame-K are used in many foods and drinks to provide people with lower or no kilojoule alternatives.

We only use those sweeteners that have been thoroughly tested in scientific studies and are confirmed as safe by globally recognised authorities, and which are permitted for use within Australia and New Zealand food regulations.

We will market Coca-Cola Energy responsibly.

Coca-Cola Australia will not directly market Coca-Cola Energy to anyone under the age of 18 or promote it to be mixed with alcohol.