Coca-Cola in Australia is committed to reducing sugar in our drinks. As the largest beverages company in the world, we recognise we have an important role to play in the fight against obesity. 

That is why we have taken actions like reducing sugar in 25 of our drinks since 2015 and commit to make all our new Coca-Cola flavours either reduced or no sugar. 

Coca-Cola in Australia is committed to reducing the sugar content across our entire portfolio by 20% by 2025.

So while we have a lot more planned, already our focus on building actions into our business strategy to reduce the consumption of sugar is being recognised. In fact, we've been rated by Deakin University as one of the best performing food and beverage companies in Australia in terms of companies taking action to address obesity and population nutrition issues, such as reducing sugar in their products.

We are also transparent about the health professionals and organisations that we regularly engage with. 

Equally, we are open about our engagement with policy makers in government because we can play an important role in moderating sugar consumption in Australia by evolving our portfolio of drinks, reducing sugar in existing recipes, investing in sugar alternatives and making more smaller pack sizes available.

We will always stand up for Australian industries. We have offered drinks that have been made here, locally at manufacturing sites all over the country, for the past 80 years. We believe that sugar should be consumed in moderation and encourage people to enjoy our drinks responsibly.