Working in your comfy pants. Helping save cuddly (and other) animals. If this is your dream combination – and let’s face it, it probably is – then this week was made for you. 

Wild Onesie Week is your opportunity to get comfy and raise awareness of, and funds for, endangered species. From today until Friday 6 June, World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) is encouraging you, your colleagues and your mates to get your onesie on.

“It’s a fun activity, but the science is serious,” said Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF in Australia.

“There are only 1,500 pygmy elephants in the wild in Borneo and the latest surveys estimate there are about 1,600 pandas alive in the wild. I couldn’t imagine a world without pandas. So this is why I’m wearing a panda onesie this week.”

Get Involved

The peak day for onesie wearing is World Environment Day on Thursday, June 5. It’s simple to get involved:

1.     register at WOWWWF.ORG.AU

2.     set up your Personal or Team Fundraising Page 

3.     get your friends, family & co-workers to sponsor you to

4.     wear a Onesie for a day.

Taking the opportunity to get snuggly is the team at Coca-Cola South Pacific, who will put their best onesies forward in an imitation of a streak of tigers, a turn of turtles or a parade of elephants.

Michelle Allen, Head Panda at Coca-Cola South Pacific, said the word for a group of onesie-wearing human animals hasn’t been invented yet – but this could be the start.

“It’s a great opportunity to be very visible about our support of the WWF,” Michelle said. “And who doesn’t love working for a good cause from the inside of a onesie? We’re definitely getting involved.”