Millions of Australians will soon receive a special message from the country’s youngest ambassadors of all things tidy – The LITTLE Committee.

These 10 under-15 year olds will be hitting our television screens with some simple messages designed to encourage adults to change their littering ways.

The LITTLE Committee formed in October 2011 in recognition of the fact that the under 15 age group is the least likely to litter. They’re fast becoming the most high-profile tidiness campaigners in the country.

The Random Acts of Tidiness campaign is aimed squarely at the 15–25 age group, which is almost 20 times more likely to litter than this younger demographic, as well as at the 25-50 age group which is more than 16 times more likely to litter than the under-15s.

The Random Acts of Tidiness ideas consist of a series of suggestions from the obvious: “don’t litter”, to the practical “pick up some rubbish when you take your dog for a walk”, and the innovative “adopt a litter spot”.

The LITTLE Committee and its Random Acts of Tidiness campaign is the latest effort from the non-for-profit Keep Australia Beautiful, which was formed in Victoria in 1969. 

Over the last four-and-a-half decades Keep Australia Beautiful has been involved in a series of transformational campaigns including Tidy Towns, Sustainable Cities and the National Bin Network.  

To support the Random Acts of Tidiness campaign Coca-Cola Australia Foundation, a long-term supporter of Keep Australia Beautiful, is funding three weeks of airtime on national free-to-air television for the LITTLE Committee’s video, over the summer season.

This will give the LITTLE Committee a chance to air its message during some of Australia’s most popular television programs, and bring Keep Australia Beautiful one step closer to its goal of reducing litter by 10 per cent over the current decade.