Our Way Forward

We’ve come a long way in Australia in the last 80 years. From small beginnings at our factory in Sydney producing a handful of bottles of Coca-Cola each day, to today whereby 180 products are produced in factories right around the country.

Times have changed. We’ve definitely changed with them. But there is more to do.

We know the people who buy a Coke or any of our drinks in 2018 are looking for the same simple refreshment they were 80 years ago.

Today though, more and more tell us they want less sugar.

Many of our products contain sugar. People are looking to cut back and that’s why we’re making it easier to do so yet still enjoy our drinks.

We’re taking sugar from many of the products across our range – 22 since 2015 with more to come – and have introduced new products like Coca Cola No Sugar.

We’re making small bottles and cans and making sure they’re available in just about every grocery story in the country.

And we’re using our marketing muscle to encourage people to give our low and no sugar products a try. This year, for example, over 90% of our Coca-Cola marketing will feature or hero a no sugar product.

When you add it up, we think we’ll take 10 per cent of the sugar from across our range by 2020. Please see the materials below for further details on how we will get there.

There’s more we can and will do to make it easier for people to keep an eye on the amount of sugar they get from our products. We’ll keep working on it to make sure fans of our products can continue to enjoy them for many years to come.