Health Professionals

Get The Low Down on Aspartame

Aspartame and other no- and low-kJ sweeteners provide a sweet taste and can help people manage kilojoules. Yet, many have questions about sweeteners, especially aspartame and the foods and drinks that contain it. Here’s a look at what the science says about this ingredient.

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Quick Guide to Low and No Kilojoule Sweeteners

As part of our commitment to providing Australians with more low-kilojoule beverage options we understand there is some confusion surrounding the low-kilojoule sweeteners used in our drinks. That's why we have developed this summary brochure to assist healthcare professionals in answering common questions you may receive from your patients. To download a copy of the brochure click on the link below: Quick Guide to Low and No Kilojoule Sweeteners

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Brochure: The Low Down on Low Kilojoule Sweeteners

We are often asked by health professionals for information on sweeteners that they can share with consumers. Click here to download a booklet entitled ‘The Low Down on Low-Kilojoule Sweeteners' which provides useful information for consumers about the low and no-kilojoule sweeteners used in our beverages. 

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