To keep our bottles and cans out of oceans or landfill and make sure they have another life, Coca-Cola Amatil supports cost-effective, well-run container refund schemes across Australia which reduce litter and increase overall recycling rates. These programs pay people a 10cent refund to return drink containers for recycling. We’re also the principal operator of the South Australian Container Deposit Scheme, though our ownership of Statewide Recycling.

Coca-Cola Australia supports grassroots collection schemes, such as Citizen Blue in NSW, where the proceeds of containers collected go towards environmental and community charities.

Australians are already good at recycling and we will be working to help Australians better understand how and where to recycle our products through a new advertising campaign later this year.

Have container refund schemes helped reduce litter – particularly marine litter - in Australia?

On the first anniversary of the NSW CDS scheme, the NSW EPA reported that littering of eligible containers reduced by 44% since the scheme began.

If someone is returning a bottle or can to a refund/deposit scheme, where do the bottles or cans end up - are they actually turned into another bottle or can?

If you return a bottle or can for a refund, it will be separated into a cleaner waste stream than if it goes into your kerbside collection. If we are to reduce plastic waste then the cleaner the better.

This plastic has the best chance of becoming another bottle. Aluminium cans are generally turned into other aluminium cans. Glass bottles are mostly recycled into other bottles or in asphalt and concrete.