Coca-Cola Australia’s partners in sustainability include many environmental partners to help collect and recycle packaging, especially to tackle marine litter.

In Australia, we are rolling up our sleeves with grassroots community groups such as the Plastic Collective and Eco Barge on the Great Barrier Reef to help clean up and upcycle the plastic that has ended up where it does not belong.

To clean up marine litter:

  • We work with partners like Eco Barge Clean Seas removing marine litter to help protect turtles and other sea life of the Great Barrier Reef. The organisation has removed 190,000 kilograms of marine debris since it was established a decade ago.

  • We’ve supported Landcare and Coastcare for 13 years which cleans up marine litter, protects coastal zones, and helps raise community awareness.

  • Coca-Cola supports Keep Australia Beautiful and has provided $1.6 million in grants for community recycling projects.

To improve recycling:

  • We partner with Citizen Blue to roll out more recycling bins for drinks at venues, sporting events and festivals in NSW. The funds raised from collected containers will go back into funding local community and environment initiatives.

On innovative recycling solutions:

  • Coca-Cola supports Envision Hands upcycling, which aims to make prosthetic hands for children in developing countries using plastic collected from one million recycled bottle tops.

  • Coca-Cola supports Plastic Collective, which has created an innovative "shruder" machine that recycles plastic waste that can be turned into valuable resources.