In January Coca-Cola Amatil announced it would stop distributing plastic drinking straws and stirrers in Australia.  Instead they stock biodegradable, compostable and fully recyclable paper straws. This was a great step forward for the company’s efforts to reduce single-use plastics.

We’re serious about playing our part in reducing unnecessary plastic packaging. We’ve heard the community message loud and clear - that unnecessary packaging is unacceptable and we all need to work together to reduce the amount entering litter streams, the environment and the oceans.

What about frozen straws?

People take longer to drink a frozen beverage and use a scoop at the end of the straw for the ice, which means we need a different straw design to meet the needs of frozen beverage drinkers. We’ve been testing different types of straws and have been working with our customers but haven’t arrived at a suitable solution yet – but we’ll keep working on it. We’re happy to collaborate across the industry on a solution.