New South Wales is about to join South Australia and the Northern Territory with a container deposit scheme designed to see containers make their way back to be recycled.

The New South Wales Government has announced that the state’s Container Deposit Scheme will be run in partnership with a consortium of beverage manufacturers, including Coca-Cola’s Australian bottling partner, Coca-Cola Amatil.

The Exchange for Change consortium, which includes Coca-Cola Amatil, has been named the scheme’s co-ordinator responsible for overall management of the new container deposit scheme. Another consortium has won the contract to be the network operator.

“Coca-Cola is supportive of a well-run and cost effective container deposit scheme and we’re confident the scheme in New South Wales will be a success,” said Christine Black, Coca-Cola South Pacific’s public affairs and communications manager.

“Well run schemes keep the cost down so the administration costs passed on to consumers are kept as low as possible. Container deposit schemes are large and complex but when run efficiently can avoid too many extra administration costs added on to the price of the products consumers buy,” she said.

Coca-Cola Amatil has been a part of Australia’s longest running container deposit scheme in South Australia.

“We are so proud that our bottling partner Coca-Cola Amatil is a part of the consortium that will bring more than 40 years’ experience of running container deposit schemes in South Australia to New South Wales consumers,” Christine said.

To encourage recycling, consumers will be able to redeem a deposit of 10 cents per container at a network of collection points throughout the state. The government has said the scheme will begin on December 1, with collection points building up over time.

The collection points could be either redemption or donation points. At redemption points people can bring along eligible containers for recycling and receive 10 cents back. At donation points people can drop their containers off to support a nominated community club to benefit from the scheme.