MOTHER 8 Cylinder Energy System TV ad

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We asked the boffins in our lab exactly what makes MOTHER a MOTHER of an energy hit. Turns out it's the MOTHER 8 CYLINDER ENERGY SYSTEM. Yep, it's got 8 energy ingredients under the hood to get your motor running. so throw down a MOTHER of an energy hit. We promise no matter how fast you go, it won't cause skid marks.

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    Renovating Coca-Cola’s Iconic Kings Cross Billboard
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  • The Happiness Cycle Minto Image
    The Happiness Cycle Minto
    Did you know that only one-third of Australians get enough physical exercise? At Coca-Cola we aim to change this statistic by partnering with Bicycle Network to deliver thousands of new bikes to teenagers nationwide as part of The Happiness Cycle. 
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  • COCA-COLA LIFE - Available at Coles Thumbnail
    COCA-COLA LIFE - Available at Coles
    COCA-COLA LIFE – a new addition to the family with 35% less sugar and kilojoules compared to COCA-COLA, thanks to the natural sweetness of stevia. Available at Coles. 
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    COCA-COLA LIFE Australia Launch
    For the launch of COCA-COLA LIFE we wanted to surprise the Australians who would least expect us. We travelled East and surprised a small Australian Territory and made them the first people in Australia to taste COKE LIFE. Watch to find out where we went and to see their reactions. 
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    The Power of the System
    The System is an essential part of Coke’s success here in Australia, and across the globe. Here, Coca-Cola South Pacific and Coca-Cola Amatil leaders explain what it is, and why it works. 
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  • Coca-Cola Journey: What We Do
    Coca-Cola Journey: What We Do
    Everyone loves a good story. At Coca-Cola, we’d like to think we’re part of those stories from time to time. Launched in July 2013, Coca-Cola Journey Australia is a dynamic digital magazine that gives us a voice to celebrate where we’ve been and where we’re going. 
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  • Coke in the Community - Ronald McDonald House Image
    Ronald McDonald House
    Think about how happy you are when you’ve had a hard day, and someone makes you dinner – then washes up, too. For families at Ronald McDonald House in Randwick this small kindness is exactly what they need after a long day at the hospital.And if dinner is served with a side order of cupcakes and magic, then who’s going to say no to a second helping?  
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  • Being Balanced
    We follow two staff members who are living their lives as it suits them best.  
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  • Prof. Jim Hill - 5 Small Changes Image
    5 Small Changes
    According to Jim Hill, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the University of Colorado, our current lifestyles make it very difficult for people to be lean – but there are simple things we can do to be healthier. 
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  • Learn, Earn & Turn Image
    Learn, Earn & Turn
    It’s the freedom you get from riding a bike that Hobart teenager Nellie loves most about cycling. 
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  • Coke Campaigns Image
    Coke Campaigns
    They say creativity can't be caught - but what if it could be bottled?      
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    Global Opportunities
    For many of us, having a job that takes you places is a dream come true.  
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