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Welcome to Coca-Cola Journey Australia

By:  Kristene Reynolds 24/06/2013
Coca-Cola Sydney sign

Welcome to the new Australian edition of our online magazine, Coca-Cola Journey.

Our aim with this site is to bring you stories that inspire, inform, and reflect our shared experiences.

We want Coca-Cola Journey to be a place where you can read about the latest news from Coca-Cola in Australia and globally, discover a little more about the history of our company and brands as well as the social trends shaping our business.

We’ll touch on many subjects but we’ll deliberately put more focus on topics where we believe we have the most to contribute – from brands and marketing to sustainability, careers and popular culture.

And whilst our Australian magazine is linked to and will feature content from the Global edition of Journey, it is independent with stories written by local contributors and experts.

For our launch edition of Coca-Cola Journey, read about how sugarcane farmers in Mackay are working to save the Great Barrier Reef.

Or read about Alice Kariuki, a Kenyan mango farmer positively impacted by 5 by 20, our global initiative with the goal of to empowering five million women by 2020.

And if you haven’t seen it, celebrate the 30th anniversary of diet Coke in Australia with us and watch the return of the diet Coke hunk.

We invite you to come in and look around and explore our stories, related articles, links, blog posts and videos – and make sure you let us know what you think so we can keep improving the experience for our readers.

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Kristene Reynolds

Director Public Affairs and Communications

Coca-Cola South Pacific