Innovation at Coca-Cola goes far beyond pretty packaging. Each year The Coca-Cola Company develops and launches new beverages like Coca-Cola Ginger, equipment, distribution models, and programs

Here are five Coca-Cola innovations from 2016 that are sure to surprise, delight and inspire. We can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring!

Ginger Coke Launches in Australia

Coca-Cola innovations

A new member of the Coca-Cola family arrived in late 2016 and Australians were the first in the world to meet it.

Designed with curious taste buds in mind, the limited-edition flavour came about after research on the beverage preferences of Australians found ginger to be a significant trend.

This Fridge Can Produce the Perfect Slushie Coke

Coca-Cola innovations

Have you ever grabbed a Coke so cold it was almost frozen?

For 20 years Coca-Cola engineers have tinkered with fridges meant to produce slushie Coke consistently. They struck gold in 2016, unveiling Arctic Coke coolers.


Mobile Coca-Cola Vending Machine Delivers Drinks and Smiles

Coca-Cola innovation

In 2014 Coca-Cola partnered with Fellow Robots, a Silicon Valley-based startup. The collaboration gave rise to Cobot 1.0, a consumer-facing Coca-Cola robot inspired by the idea of “a Coke finds you instead of you finding a Coke”.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Cobot 2.0 made its public debut at a cinema in Shanghai distributing beverages to a surprised crowd of movie-goers.

Coke Studio Brings Music to the Deaf in Pakistan

Coca-Cola innovations

Hearing-impaired music fans in Pakistan can now feel and experience their country’s biggest music platform.

Coke Studio for the Deaf uses a studio-like setup to enable people with a hearing impairment to feel and enjoy Coke Studio from the comfort of a sofa embedded with hundreds of tiny vibration engines and LED lights synched with music.

Coke Chills Out With 'Ice Bottle' Tour

Coca-Cola innovation

This summer, college campuses and festivals across the south-eastern United States had the chance to cool down with ice-cold Coca-Cola. And by ice cold we mean literally ice cold, served up in contour Coca-Cola bottle made entirely of ice.

Made up of 15 stops the tour lasted nine weeks, during which about 11,250 Ice Bottles were distributed.